Thesis ListThesis ListBelow are listed the titles of theses of students who have earned the Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Theology degrees at the Graduate Theological Foundation. This listing, which is divided according to research field for convenience, includes the student’s name, title of the thesis, year of defense, and degree earned.

The Toura Papyrus of Didymus the Blind's Commentary on Job: An Original Translation with Introduction and Commentary2002Gittens, Peter Winston Mary More or Less: A Study of the Anglican and Catholic Mariology of John Henry Newman in Nineteenth Centrury England2007Gonia, Raymond L The Five Day Dissertation: A First Class Guide To Finishing Your because Kibbe encourages me not to confuse them (a topic is a subject area; a thesis is a clear, concise guide to theological research that will help students understand the .

The Patristic Era Church Fathers and Healing: An Examination of the Homilies of Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Augustine, and Saint Gregory the Great Dealing with the Concept of Healing by their Use of Sacred Scripture2011Hill, Jesse David2008Hoskins, StevenOut of All Proportion with the Smallness of Their Numbers: The Continuing Influence of the Anglican Nonjurors2010Lee, Richard GeorgeThe First Great Awakening and its Influence on the Religious, Social, and Governmental Systems of Early America Leading to the American Revolution20122000MacDonald, David R. The Transit of the Anglican Mind the the Maryland Colony: Thomas Bray and the Bray Libraries of Christ of Church Durham20062007McConkey, David Benton 2008Meehan, Maureen A.

2000200719962004Sánchez, SusanaLibertos Norteamericanos en Quisqueya: Historia de Fe, Abandono y Redención de una Negritud Atrapada 1776-18892011Spragin, Ore LeeA Historical Analysis of Faithfulness to the Doctrine of Doing Good: From John Wesley to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the 21st Century201020032002Agosto González, FranciscoDilema moral sobre el uso científico y terapeútico de las células troncales embrionarias humanas2009Casanova-Ramos, Fernando20022003Portela, CarmenRetos de la inmigración y de la inculturación: Integración vs asimilación De huéspedes a anfitriones2009Portela, Rafael A.

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Hacia una pastoral puertoriqueña y ecuménica, comprometida con la esperanza, la libertad y la justicia social20092008Principles of Globalization and Flexibility in the Islamic Shari’ah2017Abdin, AzizRenewal and Reform in Understanding Religious Texts: A Necessity for Solving the Current Crisis (Qran and Sonah)20082015200620062006201620132014201220132011201320142015201320152018Atif, SaidThe Decisive Say in What is Forbidden in the Peoples of the Book Food and What is Lawful20152012201120182015Basyouni, WaleedIbn Taymiyya's Theory of "Shared Meaning" and "Overlapping Relation" in the Diving Names and Attributes200720172011200820162011201120082005Gehan, Ebrahim Kamel Mohamed2013201620082016The Islamic Ruling on the Protests of the Arab Spring2011201320112009201320142014201520152017201120182014201220072009201720172014201220132013Negm, IbrahimThe Implications of Developing Interfaith Understanding via the Exploration of Christianity and the Study of Abraham in the Qur'an and the Bible as Experienced in one Muslim Congregation200520092012Qadri, Hafiz Haqqani MianA Study of the Holy Qur’an and Anecdotal References of Women in the Circumstances of the Revelations20122013201020112013200720112014Siddiqi, MohammadShibliThe Gift of the Prayer According to Hanafi School of Thought in the Light of the Sunna of Prophet PBUH2015201420132017201220122007201020182002Barber III, Philip E The Foundation lists doctoral theses completed and successfully defended by degree Busby, Douglas Earl, Can the Spirit World Provide Us Help in Healing?.

Gifts and Creatures: The Reformation Doctorine of the Eucharistic Presence Exhibited in the Anglican Liturgy of the Lords Supper2005Basker, Jacqueline TaylorThe Significance of the Cloud as a Symbol in Early Christian Art: A Case Study of the Mosaics of Sts. Cosmas and Damian in Rome20041996Davis, Robert JonathanA Theology of Image and the Impact on the Use of Technology and Media in Liturgical Christian Worship2013Kirby, Marc Daniel2002MacArthur, Charles PatrickThe Artist as Tehologian: A Visual Exploration of Religious Symolism with a Concluding Chapter on the Work and Thought of Pieter Bruegel the Elder2001Plummer, John PaulThe Many Paths of the Independent Sacramental Movement: A National Study of its Liturgy, Doctrine, and Leadership200519982004200020011998Kagere, Guy MsafiriThe Role of the Catholic Church in Mediation of Armed Conflicts in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo2017Hope, Mary KendallJudging Mediation: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Mediation Programs in North Carolina from the Perspective of Select District Court Judges200620122016201620002018Akin-Otiko, PeterIntegrating the Personality Theories of Analytical Psychology into the Process of the Assessment of Suitability for Ecclesiastical Office in the Catholic Church in Nigeria20142012Alicea Padilla, ArcadioLa percepción y la práctica de la santidad social en la región norte I y II en la iglesia metodista de Puerto Rico2012Alkanat, OzgeObserved Level of Differentiation of Self, Boundary Flexibility and Triangulation Formations in Turkish Families Receiving Systemic Family Therapy201320152017Anderson, Douglas Joe201520041998Archibong, Cosmas P.

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Caring for Those who Grieve: Practical Dimensions of the Role of Grief Ministry for Pastors and Other Caring Persons200620102012Battle, Valencia JuliaDepression and Quality of Life among African American and Non-African American Women Breast Cancer Survivors in the United States20182004Bersin, Ruth H 15 Oct 2008 - An answer from John Stackhouse, Professor of Theology and Culture I have no idea if my MA thesis will help me get accepted somewhere for .

Community-based Resettlement: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Asylees Rebuild their Lives with the Help of Congregations and Community200820112009Bropleh, Rudolph Monsio2013Burriss II, George B. The Law of Attraction: From the Kingdom and Will of God to Quantum Physics and New Science2007Burroughs, Janice SmithLonergan’s General Empirical Method How We Come to Know: An Invitation to Teachers and Learners in the Classroom201519981996200820082005201120022007Dezelic, Marie S.

Meaning-Centered and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: Based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy – Applicable across Clinical Settings201320141997Duncan-Probe, DeDeThrough a Prism: Looking through Fourteenth Century Women’s Devotional Writings to Reveal “The Cloud of Unknowing”20131999201220072013Enelichi, Alphonsus IfeanyichukwuThe Laity as Agents of Reconciliation and Social Transformation in Africa: A Case Study on the Laity Council of Nigeria20132012Ezeh, Christopher Osita20142012Foster, Randal ArthurIntegrating Spirituality and Psychology in Vocational Discernment: Selected Psychospiritual Factors and their Effect on the Career Decision-Making Process2008Frederich, Kristin AliceSoul Tender: Developing Renewable Resources for Health and Longevity in Ministry for Spiritual Leaders in View of the History and Contemporary Transformation of these Roles2012Galarza Sierra, JaimeVisión y Análisis de una Teología Práctica Puertorriqueña y su Impacto en la Pastoral Social Communitaria20142013Garces-Torres, Gilberto GoenLa Mision Ad-Gentes de la Iglesia y el Anuncio del Kerygma a la Cultura Bambara de Mali-Africa Occidental20062003200420002002Escatologia en Puerto Rico: Los Cuadernos del Instituto Diocesano de Pastoral de Mayagüez20072001Hernandez, Robert C.

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A Return to the Transcendent: Rediscovering an Essential Element in Formulating a Psychology of Human Development Within Systems Theory19961997LaBonte, Stephen L. The Relationship of Religion, Religious Symbolism and Religious Professionals to Dissociative Identity Disorder with Implications for Treatment1996200020142008Lopez Dona, Felix P. Cuando solo saber leer y escribir no es suficiente: Un analisis del impacto de la cruzada nacional de alfabetizacion de Nicaragua con relacion al bienester de la poblacion (en terminos de la situacion economica.

las condiciones de salud, y la reduccion de la delincuencia)200820082005Importancia, fracaso y éxito del matrimonio20142012199619971999Neal, Joanne ChristineThe Intentional Pursuit of the Ethical: The Faith-Based Formation of the Next Generation of Christian Managers and Business Leaders201020052010200620102009201220182011Okere, Bartholomew N 17 May 2012 - source of inspiration through out my thesis work. request for interview easily and this helped me to get started my interview process in time..

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Medical Schools2010Owolagba, JamesIntegrating Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Models into Pastoral Counseling: A Case for the "Integrated Approach" Adduced by Henri Nouwen (1932-1996)2011Pazzaglia-Filkins, GinaAdult Children of Domestic Violence - Relational Attachment Issues and Lack of Emotional Awareness: A Qualitative Multi-Case Study2012Pham, Hanh VanThe History of the Catechism of the American Catholic Church from the Catechism of Trent to the Catechism of the Good Shepherd: How it served the Church then and how it has adapted to meet the needs of the Church in the third millennium20132008Lazaro Ramos, JoseLiving Ecumenical Experience in the Defense of Peace, Justice and Fraternity in Vieques, Puerto Rico: An Ecumenical Experience of Testimony and Service2004Rivera Maldonado, Jos A. 20142013Rodriguez Rivera, Ojel EduardoLa evangelizaci n Protestante y Pentecostal en Puerto Rico desde la perspectiva paradigm tica de la invasi n norteamericana en contra posici n con la misi n salv fica de Dios para una naci n: transformaci n cultural, social, pol tica y religiosa de un pueblo desde 1898 hasta 194020131996Rowitt, StevenHealth, Wellbeing, and Wholeness in Leviticus and its Implications for Public Health in the 21st Century: A Theological and Pastoral Case Study Focusing on the Levitical Priest as a Public Health Practitioner201120052004Scraper, Randy L.

20082006200620052012Stanley, Verdree Blake2004Tadman-Robins, ChristopherUnderstanding Suicide-The Creation of a Pastoral Resource for the use of Clergy and Laity Incorporating Further Evidence of the Nature of Self Harm Via Critical Personal Narrative (Part 1, 2, and 3)2000Tagami, ShinichiThe Value, Relevancy, and Need of Christian Faith in Medicine: A recommendation for medical practice based on Christian faith200920062008Twomey, Gerald SeanThe Evolution of the Doctrine of the "Preferential Option for the Poor" In Official Catholic Social Teaching from John XXIII to John Paul II200420002017Ugwu, Charles NnaemekaPastoral and Theological Perspectives of Marriage: The Case for Family Ministry Among the Igbo People of Nigeria2015Ullrich, Karl P The Theology Dissertations Series is comprised of dissertations authored by The Way to God or God's Way to Us: The Theologies of Edward Farley and .

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From Freud to Frankl…From Object to Subject…From Transference to Self-Transcendence…The Evolution of the Phenomenon of Transference Within the Three Schools of Viennese Psychology2010Aaron, Daryl N. Exhortation and Deity: The Relationship Between God's Saving Work and Human Accountability in Paul's Letter to the Philippians2002Ameri, Sami BechirThe Difficulties of the Restoration of the Original Text of the New Testament in Light of Methodologies of Lower Criticism: Examining the Assertions of the Traditionalists and the Apologies201420141996201420002013Muorah, Charles C. A Contextual Study of Exodus 1, 1-15, 21 from the Perspective of the Mission of the Catholic Church in Nigeria2010Norris, Robert JosephA Rhetorical/Mimetic Analysis of Acts 20:18-38 Paul’s Address to the Ephesian Elders: A Lesson to be Passed Along201220092008Smith, Thomas E.

, Joachim Aghoghovwia JoterioThe Nature and Task of Spirituality in the Theology of Jon Sobrino: Towards a Contemporary Spirituality that does Justice in Nigeria20132017201019992001Babcock, Theodore S. The Journey from Inclusion to Exclusion: The development of baptism as a requirement to receive Holy Communion 40CE-200CE20092016Bell, Jr.

, Reuben PaulIntelligent Default: Emanuel Swedenborg's Theistic Science as a Model and Method for Solving Contemporary Problems in Natural Philosophy2016Blair, Barbara TempletonThe Divine Matrix: Organism as Metaphor of the Cosmos and its Spiritual Significance for the Human Community200020082005Busby, Douglas EarlCan the Spirit World Provide Us Help in Healing? Seeking an Answer from What is Known About the Nature of Disincarnate Spirit Existence, and from the Spiritual Ministries of Harry Edwards and John of God2015Caban Caceres, GerardoFenomenologia de la experiencia de Dios en San Agustin en el Libro VIII de le Obra de Las Confesiones2008Calvanese, Carmen J.

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