QuoraUpdateCancelAnswer WikiThere is no easy way for you to find a PhD research proposal really fast. Probably, there is a possibility to find a ready one online, but you will still need to spend some time on rewriting and editing it so it won’t sound like a plagiarized one.

Other option is to use one of the commonly used topics, some of them include:Pharmacogenetics and PharmacogenomicsCommon outline that you can follow:But writing a PhD research proposal on your own is really time-consuming: the faster way would be to ask someone who can help you with writing A research proposal is intended to convince others that you have a or treated in a study in order to see what effect differences in them will have on those .

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Hopefully this answer will help you!Writing a research proposal for phd in biotechnology can be very challenging. However, it is an effective tool that shows the candidates expertise, skills and knowledge in the chosen topic. It is important to clearly state all information in a well - structured, appealing and readable way.

A lot of candidates can find it difficult to write a perfect biotechnology research proposal, so it is vital to use the tips below:A candidate should be able to present an overview of the topic with an eye - catching introduction.

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The introduction should have abstract and literature review. This will help readers understand main issues related to the topic. Using references will help to show connection between the work and the field.

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Clearly state what biotechnology issues will be discussed in the paper. The paper should show the candidate’s ability to use methodological tools. It is important to draw a sound conclusion and discuss the potential contribution the paper can have.

179 ViewsWilliam Beeman, Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of MinnesotaAnswered 62w ago · Author has 1. 1m answer viewsDon’t you have an advisor? Can’t you talk to your advisor or your doctoral committee? Somehow i can’t conceive of a training program where you would be so out of touch with your mentors that you could not solve this problem in consultation with them. But the short answer is not to look for some isolated project.

Why did you want to study in this field? What was it about industrial biotechnology that fascinated you enough to prompt you to seek training in this field Are you looking for research proposal for a PhD in biotechnology? We have a large network of writers and editors that are more than willing to go out of their ways in order to give you the best writing assistance. You can also enjoy our free .

proposal solves an unsolved problem, explores an anomaly or a puzzle in the field.

Reading just one journal in this field, provided you have adequate background knowledge, should raise a hundred questions that you could solve 15 Jun 2015 - I urgently need a research proposal for a PhD in industrial biotechnology. Where can I find it? How do Bay Area software engineers get competitive job offers?.

Bottom line: look to yourself and your interests. thesis is in fact an exercise to prove your ability to carry out a research project. Almost any unknown aspect of your field will be the basis for an excellent thesis.