Buyinga paper off a site is not, in itself, unethical, unless one considers that thestudent buying the paper is supporting a site whose papers are used forunethical purposes.

It is obviouslyunethical for a student to put his name on a paper and submit it as his own ifhe did not write it, but what if the student buys the paper and uses it forideas for his own paper? One couldargue that simply using the paper for an idea is similar to discussing an ideawith another student, which is usually permissible 11 Aug 2012 - Original business ethics essay. Professional writers help with any Buy your papers from the best writing service. Have your tasks done by our .

However, because the paper is a written resource, if thestudent does not cite the paper as being responsible for some of his ideas, thenhe is plagiarizing it. If the paperis cited, then it should be treated as any other resource that the student couldget from the library. The web-sitesthat sell these papers usually include a disclaimer that states that the papersthey sell must be used as a reference and cited.

Thefollowing is an example of a disclaimer from a web-site which sells papers:“Allresearch papers are owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc We are providing principled compass to order Business Ethics research paper to our executives. Make the best use of our services!.

and are theproperty of the corporation and our contracted writers. Our work is designed only to assist students in the preparation of theirown work.

Students who use ourservice are responsible not only for writing their own papers, but also forciting The Paper Store as a source when doing so. ” Apaper written by an unknown source is not the best reference to site in a paper,but it is possible that some students would seek to use the papers for only thispurpose. UploadingPapersSofar we’ve examined the ethical issues involved with downloading and using apaper.

Itis also important to look at the ethics of uploading papers. Paper-selling sites rely on people who are willing to sell their papersonline. Forthose sites who write custom papers, they rely on a pool of students and otherpeople who can write a paper on demand.

To the students who write these papers, this may seem like simply an easyway to make some money Custom written ethics essay. Writing a Custom Ethics paper is not an easy task to do. In order to write pages on ethics, you have to be very rational. You should .

If you have to write it for a class anyway, why not make something offit, right? Thestudents are clearly giving unauthorized aid to other students, even if theydon’t know the student they are aiding. Butwhat if the student merely uploads the paper to his web-site? Perhaps he is proud of it, or perhaps he wants his parents to be able toread it.

Isthat student responsible for another student finding that paper and using it ashis own? Thestudent who posted it can be considered negligent, but if his intent was not topromote plagiarism, then he hasn’t really done anything unethical. Seen in the same light, the student who uploads his paper to apaper-selling site may intend for it to be used as a reference only. This seems unlikely because his name is not on it and so the papercan’t be truly referenced, but it is possible.

Because it is almost impossible to judge intent, it will becomeincreasing difficult for schools to prosecute students who upload or downloadpapers from the Internet.