Imperial College London is a university specialising in engineering, medicine, natural sciences and business. Lorensbergs talks to Simon Mackenzie, Library Systems Developer, and Ella Mitchell, Education Support Manager, for managing room access and training events across the University's library sites and departments located throughout 6 campuses in central and southwest London.

Training events offer students at Imperial College access to key skills development and are an important part of Central Library services. The library staff coordinate 50 study skills and resource training workshops for students each academic year.

They also offer administrative support to faculty staff who organise series of departmental workshops for groups of students. In addition, liaison librarians offer a number of workshops to cover each of their subject areas.

It’s important that event programmes are managed efficiently to maximise attendance.

However they have presented a considerable administration burden to staff College Libraries in India: A Case Study. Author(s):. M. Bavakutty,. Abstract: Libraries are the real centres of learning. The realisation of the objectives of .

Management of training rooms and coordination of group study room bookings have also been important considerations for looking at how staff administration could be reduced. Prior to using connect2, rooms and workshops were booked by staff on behalf of students using Outlook calendars and email.

The team needed a solution that minimised the administration burden of this process and it was decided that an online self-service approach would achieve this, while giving students more flexibility and control over what they could book. This case study discusses how connect2 met the objectives of library staff for a more efficient approach to resource management while delivering a better experience for their students.

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